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The focus of this set of links is on collections of electronic texts (not individual titles) preserved through libraries, archives, museums and corporate or private initiatives. Listings here are therefore primarily for the written word as expressed in manuscripts, books and periodicals, including newspapers. A few non-book digital library collections are included. Readers wishing further leads to non-book digital content should consult one of the directories or guides.

Unless indicated, access to these Web sites is free and open to the general public.

Includes China, Japan, Phillipines, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tibet.


  • Afghanistan Digital Library. New York, NY: New York University Libraries, 2004-. Summary: Launched in July 2004, " The Afghanistan Digital Library will retrieve and restore works published in Afghanistan between 1870 and 1930 the long-term objective is to collect, catalogue, digitize and provide access to as many of this period's publications as possible." Date accessed: 2008-02-21. Date added: 2008-02-21.
  • Agriculture Electronic Library in Afghanistan. University of Arizona Library, 2005-. Summary: " The Agriculture Electronic Library, the first electronic library in Afghanistan, was created as a joint project between Atifa Rawan, a librarian at the University of Arizona Library, and Barbara Hutchinson and Carla Casler of the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Arid Lands Information Center in the Office of Arid Lands Studies." Date accessed: 2008-02-21. Date added: 2008-02-21.
  • Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection. Omaha: University of Nebraska Omaha. Digitized content is accessible through the Digital Commons@UNL. Date accessed: 2008-02-21. Date added: 2008-02-21.
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