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The focus of this set of links is on collections of electronic texts (not individual titles) preserved through libraries, archives, museums and corporate or private initiatives. Listings here are therefore primarily for the written word as expressed in manuscripts, books and periodicals, including newspapers. A few non-book digital library collections are included. Readers wishing further leads to non-book digital content should consult one of the directories or guides.

Unless indicated, access to these Web sites is free and open to the general public.

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National Collections

The national digital library collections of Canada and the United States contain material relevant to both countries.

  1. Canadian Heritage Gallery Online Books. As of January 2001, under construction with partial versions of two titles by J.M.S. Careless.
  2. CanText Library: Canadian Documents Collection (Nelson Canada). Chronological and subject-based list of selected documents in HTML format dating from ca. 1000 BCE to the present day.
  3. The Champlain Society Digital Collection. Hosted by the University of Toronto Library. Digital facsimiles of over 30 books published by the Champlain Society. Date updated: 2008-01-10.
  4. Early Canadiana Online. Full-text searchable/browsable collection of monographs (books and pamphlets) about Canada published up to 1920. The collection is primarily based on microfilm produced by the Canandian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM). For a related national project, see Our Roots: Canada's Local History Online. Date updated: 2003-02-07.
  5. Library and Archives of Canada, Digital Library of Canada: Music, History, Literature. These three pages contains links to digital content produced by the library in these subject areas. Date accessed: 2002-10-09. Date added: 2004-04-19.
  6. Library and Archives Canada, National Library of Canada Electronic Collection. Date updated: 2004-04-19.
  7. Library and Archives Canada, Positioning the National Library of Canada in the Digital Environment: Strategic Directions contains links to some of the library's multimedia digital content. Date updated: 2004-04-19.
  8. Our Roots: Canada's Local History Online (University of Calgary and Université Laval). Search or browse by author, title or subject for local history publications digitized from Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM)  microfiche and original publications. Publications selected for Our Roots are not part of the Early Canadiana Online collection. Date added: 2002-08-27. Date updated: 2004-07-07.
  9. TAPoR (Text-Analysis Portal for Research) Project. Hosted by the University of Alberta and based at McMaster University, TAPoR " consists of a network of six of the leading Humanities computing centres in Canada: McMaster, University of Victoria (in collaboration with Malaspina UC), University of Alberta, University of Toronto, Université de Montreal (law) and University of New Brunswick." Date added: 2002-09-08.
  10. VisuNET Canada Digital Library (Canadian National Institute for the Blind Library). Designed for visually impaired Canadians, VisuNET Canada includes links to free online libraries of books (VisuTEXT) and serials (VisuNEWS). Full access to the VisuNET Canada service is restricted to CNIB Library clients.

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