The British Columbia Digital Library

Digital Content in British Columbia's Cultural Institutions

The focus of this set of links is on collections of electronic texts (not individual titles) preserved through libraries, archives, museums, educational institutions, and corporate or private initiatives. Listings here are therefore primarily for the written word as expressed in manuscripts, books and periodicals, including newspapers. Non-book digital library collections may also be included. Readers wishing further leads to non-book digital content should also consult one of the directories or guides.

Unless indicated, access to these Web sites is free and open to the general public.

See also Digital Collections by Subject for digital publications that form part of a larger Web site.




Network/Consortia/Multijurisdiction Partnerships


BC Digital Content Facilitators

These are BC agencies or organizations which finance or otherwise facilitate the production of,  management  of or license existing and newly created digital content on behalf of BC's libraries and the general public under the Open Access model.   The  federal  government has a few programs which help finance the production of digital content.

See also Financing in the Digital Library Construction Tools section.


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