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Unless indicated, access to these Web sites is free and open to the general public. Subject-specific directories, guides, portals and search engines specific are found in Digital Collections by Subject. See also General Collections by Title.


  1. Canadian Directories, Guides and Search Engines to Digital Libraries
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Directories, Guides and Search Engines Exclusive to Canada by Content or Origin
International Directories, Guides, Portals and Search Engines
Search Engines
International Directories, Guides and Portals
  1. A project of Emory University and ASERL (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries), a portal service built with PostNuke software that lets you search for or browse through subject categories of resources relating to the American South.  The service includes the use of an OAI (Open Archives Initiative) metadata harvester. Date accessed: 2003-05-24. Date added: 2003-05-24.
  2. ARL Digital Initiatives Database (Association of Research Libraries and University of Chicago, Illinois).
  3. Argos: Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet. Hosted by the University of Evansville (Evansville, Indiana, USA) . Established in 1996, this is a peer-reviewed guide and search engine to pre-Renaissance Internet/Web resources. Date added: 2002-09-08.
  4. Bibliotecas Virtuais Temáticas (Thematic Virtual Libraries). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Prossiga. This site links to a large number of thematic guides to Web content. All the guides are in Portuguese. Date created: 1997-01-01. Date accessed: 2002-12-22. Date added: 2002-12-22.
  5. Books on the Internet, Electronic Journals, Indexes, Abstracts and Full Text, News and Newspapers, and Quick Reference (UT Library Online, University of Texas, Austin). A comprehensive set of guides to free and restricted-access to these categories of electronic publications.
  6. Clearinghouse of Government Documents Digital Projects. Berkeley, CA: Ad Hoc Committee on Digitization of Government Information, American Library Association Government Documents Round Table (GODORT), 2003-. Site hosted by Illinois Institute of Technology. Summary: " The Clearinghouse of Government Documents Digital Projects provides information to librarians and others about digitization projects for local, state, federal, and international government documents that are currently planned, in progress, or already completed. The ALA Government Documents Round Table is collecting this information to facilitate cooperation and partnerships between libraries for digitization projects." Date accessed: 2004-03-21. Date added: 2004-03-21.
  7. The Clearinghouse of Image Databases and the IMAGELIB Listserv Archives by (Compiled by Stuart Glogoff, University of Arizona). Created in July 1994, this database tracks multimedia digital facsimile Web sites and projects. Although international in scope and content, and titled a clearinghouse, the database is not comprehensive. The database can be keyword-searched or browsed by institution name or digital medium.
  8. CyberStacks(sm) (Gerry McKiernan, Iowa State University). Primarily a Library of Congress classified guide to Web resources with an emphasis on monographic or serial works, along with search services. Most of these resources are in the sciences. A title index is available.
  9. Database of Digital Collections Online. Storrs, CT: University of Connecticut Libraries. Alternate title: Digital Collections Online (DCO). Search or browse for multimedia digital collections by title, subject or medium (text, image, photograph, sound, video). Date accessed: 2003-03-20. Date added: 2003-03-20.
  10. DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries (European Commission). Extensive information on the development of digital library services in Europe.
  11. DIGICULT (Digital Heritage and Cultural Content, Information Society Technologies Programme, European Commission). Guide to research and digital content heritage projects throughout the European Union. DIGICULT also acts as a clearinghouse for various European funding programs.
  12. Digital Librarian: Electronic Texts and Primary Sources (Margaret Vail Anderson). This category is an annotated set of links to full-text and multimedia digital libraries.
  13. Digital Libraries (Transatlantic Information Exchange Society - TIESWeb).
  14. Digital Libraries: Resources and Projects (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions [IFLA]).
  15. Digital Library Federation Public Access Collections. Search, browse by institution, or view all records of public collections of digital works (multimedia) prepared by DLF members.
  16. Digitalisierungsprojekte in Osteuropa (Compiled by Klaus Graf and hosted on his NetbibWiki). Variant (wiki) title: DigiOsten. Annotated list of digitization projects in eastern Europe. Date accessed: 2004-08-22. Date added: 2004-08-22.
  17. (Libronix Corporation).
  18. Directory of Electronic Text Centers (Compiled by Mary Mallery hosted by the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities, Rutgers University).
  19. EARLweb: The Global Library (The Consortium for Public Library Networking, UK). This section of EARL's Internet/Web resource guide contains links to online literature and digital texts.
  20. eBook Compilers. Kitimat, BC: eBooks N' Bytes. Primarily a guide to eBook software tools, but does include links to general information and downloads of free eBooks. Date added: 2001-12-28.
  21. eBookWeb is a portal service with extensive resources, including a Web news channel,  on the eBook industry.
  22. eBooks Portal. Kitimat, BC: eBooks N Bytes. Hosted by " A search engine that is devoted exclusively to ebook-related resources." Date added: 2001-12-28.
  23. Electronic Literature Directory. Electronic Literature Organization. Search or browse for electronc texts (fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, hypertext and multimedia, animated text, generated text, and reader collaborations). Date added: 2002-03-11.
  24. Electronic Texts and Publishing Resources: A Library of Congress Internet Resource Page (Library of Congress).
  25. EUROLIB (European Community and Associated Institutions Library Co-operation Group): Resources. Contains listings for information about digital libraries, periodicals, and projects. Date added: 2002-09-03.
  26. Finnish Virtual Library (Jyväskylä University Library, Finland). Directory of Internet resources with site-search engine.
  27. Free Books. Part of a larger Australian site on electronic books, this guide emphasizes free books from Australia, but includes sites from around the world. Date accessed: 2005-06-18. Date added: 2005-06-18.
  28. This site " specializes in collecting free fiction, tutorial, marketing and business eBooks as well as resources to aid you in promoting eBooks." Date added: 2001-12-28.
  29. French-Italian Portal for Digitised Collections. Part of: MICHAEL. Summary: " In the scope of the European project Minerva, French and Italian ministries of culture have launched a joint portal for digitised cultural collections. This project is a first step to build common cultural online services. It is based upon locally maintained catalogues of digital cultural content." The portal links to the France's Catalogue des fonds culturels numérisés and Italy's Catalogo dei Fondi Culturali Digitalizzati. Date accessed: 2005-04-09. Date added: 2005-04-09.
  30. MICHAEL (Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe). Summary: " ...a spin-off project from the activities carried out by MINERVA working group 'Inventories, discovery of digitised content, multilingualism issues.' " Component sites: French-Italian Portal for Digitised Collections. Date accessed: 2005-04-09. Date added: 2005-04-09.
  31. The Great Books (Managed by Zaine Ridling sponsored by the Access Foundation, Kansas). Links to existing electronic texts in a variety of formats along with supporting research materials for 300 authors (as of February 2001). Works by some authors are not yet available online. The author listing is by date of birth or century in which the author worked and begins with Hammurabi. As of February 2001, no site-search engine or title list. Links are available to other electronic publication Web sites.
  32. Great Books Index: An Index to Online Great Books in English Translation (Compiled by Ken Roberts). Browse through lists to links of digital editions of great books by author or author/title.
  33. Great Books WebRing (Managed by Paul John Barnette, Jr.). Circular list of Web sites devoted to the " Western canon" of literature. As of February 2001, a site list is not available summarizing all sites on this Webring.
  34. Humanities Computing Units and Institutional Resources (Compiled by Willard McCarty, King's College, London, and Matthew Kirschenbaum, University of Kentucky).Guide in outline form to academic and other organizations in support of humanities research via computers.
  35. Humbul Humanities Hub. Oxford, UK: University of Oxford. Searchable portal (subject gateway) to selected Internet resources, including primary texts, on all areas of the humanities as taught in the United Kingdom. Listed resources are intended to benefit the UK learning and research communities. RSS Feed RSS Feed.   Date updated: 2003-05-24.
  36. The Internet Archive: Text Archive. This organization is promoting access to public domain digital publications through its Internet Bookmobile project and by providing links to digital text collections. Date accessed: 2002-10-23. Date added: 2002-10-23.
  37. International Database of Digital Humanities Projects (National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH).
  38. International Directory of Arts, Media, and Technology Centres (Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, University of Victoria). The Maltwood Gallery hosts an annual New Media Conference and this directory, created in 1998, is a result of research towards the first conference. A subset pertains only to arts, media and technology at the University of Victoria.
  39. Large Digital Libraries of Western Manuscripts. Compiled by Klaus Graf. Variant (wiki) title: DigitaleHandschriften. Hosted on his NetbibWiki. Annotated descriptions of Web sites containing 10 or more Medieval or Renaissance manuscripts. Date accessed: 2004-08-22. Date added: 2004-08-22.
  40. Library and Archival Exhibitions on the Web: A Project of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries (Compiled by Diane Shaw). Based on the guide Library Exhibits on the Web, created by Andrea Bean Hough in 1995 and hosted by the University of Houston Libraries, this site provides access to Web exhibitions featuring library and archival holdings. Many of the exhibits feature full-text digital resources.
  41. LIBDEX, the Library Index (Created and maintained by Peter Scott, Northern Lights Internet Solutions Ltd.). You can keyword search for Web sites of libraries or use the geographic navigation pages. A keyword search for " digital" on August 18, 2002, however, revealed only four libraries with that word in their name, Date added: 2002-08-18.
  42. Malaspina Great Books (Created and maintained by Russell McNeil, Liberal Studies Department, Malaspina University-College).
  43. NordGuide: A Directory of Databases in the Nordic Countries (Nordic Council for Scientific Information [NORDINFO]). Choose the Advanced Search feature to locate full-text databases. Some of these are restricted access. Date added: 2002-09-03. Date updated (URL): 2005-03-12.
  44. Planet eBook. Portal site with articles, news, user forum and eBook tools. Date added: 2001-12.31.
  45. Resource Discovery Network (RDN hosted by UKOLN at King's College, London, UK). Directory with site-search engine of Internet resources of interest to the post-secondary (college and university) educational community. RSS feeds are available from some of the sub-sites within the RDN. Date updated: 2003-05-24.
  46. UIUC Cultural Heritage Repository: Providing Access to Cultural Heritage Collections. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Part of the UIUC's Open Archives Initiative Metadata Harvesting Project, this is one of seven metadata harvesting projects funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation. Date accessed: 2002-04-04. Date added: 2002-04-04.
  47. Uncatalogued Manuscript Control Center (Co-directed by Melissa Conway and Lisa Fagin Davis). Formerly known as the Union Manuscript Computer Catalogue, this site contains an inventory of all known pre-1600 manuscript holdings in North American libraries, archives, art galleries and museums. The project intends also to catalogue these manuscript holdings. Some of the links will lead to institutional Web sites for which digital facsimiles of some of these manuscripts are available.
  48. UNESCO Archives Portal. Date accessed: 2005-03-17. Date added: 2005-03-17.
  49. UNESCO Cyber-Readers' Club: Links to Online Literature.
  50. UNESCO Clearing House on Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD).
  51. UNESCO Libraries Portal. Date accessed: 2005-03-17. Date added: 2005-03-17.
  52. UNESCO/IFLA Directory of Digitized Collections (Memory of the World Programme, UNESCO hosted by the British Library). Keyword-searchable or browsable guide to digitized heritage collections and on-going projects around the world. Date updated: 2002-05-29.
  53. The Universal Library (Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University). Directory to multimedia digital titles and collections organized by medium.
  54. The Virtual Learning Resources Center: Access to Information and Reference Sites (Compiled by Dr. Michael Bell). The Virtual LRC includes a category of links for Electronic Texts. A site-search engine is available.
  55. Die virtuelle Welt des Alten Buches (The Virtual World of the Rare Book). Berlin, Germany: Abteilung Historische Drucke (Department of Early Printed Books), Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Subject gateway to rare book resources, including full-text and databases,  in and outside Germany. Date accessed: 2004-08-26. Date added: 2004-08-26.
  56. Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research (Woven by Alan Liu, English Department, University of California, Santa Barbara). Opened for public access in 1995, VOS is one of the largest sites devoted to tracking and categorizing Web resources in the humanities. A site-search engine is available.
  57. WESSWEB (Western European Studies Section, Association of College and Research Libraries). Guide to Internet/Web resources for European studies. The site-search engine allows keyword-searches of the pages of links, including those to Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature.


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