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The focus of this set of links is on collections of electronic texts (not individual titles) preserved through libraries, archives, museums and corporate or private initiatives. Listings here are therefore primarily for the written word as expressed in manuscripts, books and periodicals, including newspapers. Non-book digital library collections and individual titles, such as the Bible, are included. Readers wishing further leads to non-book digital content should consult one of the directories or guides.

Unless indicated, access to these Web sites is free and open to the general public.

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  1. Academic Dissertations and Theses
  2. American Texts
  3. Architecture and Construction Trades
  4. Asian Texts
  5. Australian and New Zealand Texts
  6. The Bible
  7. British Texts
  8. Canadian Texts
  9. Children's Literature
  10. Civilization, Ancient
  11. Civilization, Modern
  12. Discovery, Exploration and Travel
  13. Dutch Texts
  14. Economics
  15. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
  16. Engineering
  17. English Texts see American Texts Australian and New Zealand Texts British Texts Canadian Texts
  18. Folk Literature
  19. French Texts
  20. German Texts
  21. Greek and Roman Texts
  22. Health and Medicine
  23. Irish (Celtic) Texts
  24. Italian Texts
  25. Language and Linguistics
  26. Latin Texts
  27. Law
  28. Literature: General Works
  29. Literature: Medieval (11th to 14th Centuries)
  30. Literature: 15th and 16th Centuries
  31. Literature: 17th and 18th Centuries
  32. Literature: 19th Century
  33. Literature: 20th Century
  34. Mathematics
  35. Military
  36. New Zealand Texts see Australian and New Zealand Texts
  37. Newspapers
  38. Performing Arts (Dance, Motion Pictures, Television, Theatre) for music see under Songs and Music
  39. Poetry see under Literature: General Works, the language name (French Texts), or national literature name (Canadian Texts). See also General Collections By Title and Women.
  40. Recreation and Sports
  41. Religions
  42. Russian Texts
  43. Scandinavian (Nordic-Icelandic) Texts
  44. Science and Technology
  45. Serials
  46. Social Sciences
  47. Songs and Music
  48. Spanish and Portuguese Texts
  49. Textbooks
  50. Welsh Texts
  51. Women

See also Collections by Title


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